Dia- Years Past

I sat on my bed, wondering if the doctor Joker possessed would come back with Joker inside of him. He never did. I t was weeks before I got a response, and it was in the weirdest place.

I was laying down on my bed, it was eleven at night and I was about to doze off.

'Dia! Don't go to sleep!'

I sat bolt upright, 'Joker?!'

'Yeah, I'm in your. ..umm... mirror?' He guessed, I stared at my TV.

I shook my head, 'no, my television.'

'What on earth is that--?' He caught himself, 'I'm sorry it's only been me talking to you, I'm the only one who knows magic, see. But I've only got a few minutes!'

'Well go ahead and say it!' Everything was rushed, my heart was pumping with excitement and I was shaking with anticipation.

'We are trying to find a way to bring you back, but a way that enables you to travel from your world to ours, and back again freely so you can see your family.' Joker spoke swiftly, speeding up his proper way of speaking, 'to be quite frank with you, we have yet to find one,' my shoulders sagged, 'but Ace told be to tell you something--'

'Ace did?! What did he say?!' I gasped, leaning forward. Joker coughed moodily and proceeded;

'He said wait for him by and window and he'll take you home.' Joker said in a soft voice, 'he said he's gonna get you back and, between you and me, he didn't tell me to tell you this. ... but... haha. He cried. He's being crying over you, Dia.'

I laughed, wiping away my own tears, 'I really messed up his cool and collected personality!' 

'Mhmm. You made the untouchable Ace cry!! Anyway, we all love you and need you to come home! Please! You have to try too!'

'I will!'I cried, 'I'll research all of this too!!'

I blinked and he was gone. I sank into my bed, my head snapping towards the window. 

I'll wait for you until I die, Ace Royal! Wait for me, Joker, Jack, Queenie, King! Wait for me!

Two and a Half years Later

I sat by my kitchen window, eavesdropping in my mothers' and Aunts' convorsation.

'She has been much better these days. Not blabbering on about the dream when she was in her coma... but...'

'But?' My Aunt prompted.

'But she's always sitting by the kitchen window, come rain or shine. Even when she's doing homework, we came home late one day and she was asleep next to it!'

'She's nearly seventeen, she should really stop acting so strange.' My Aunt agreed, they both caught my eye and smiled falsely. They would never understand.

'Where the hell are you Ace?' I sighed, turning back to my laptop to finished my homework.

'Just come and get me already...'

The End

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