Good news, Bad news.

Queenie, Jack and I knelt around the lifeless body of Joker.

"He's not dead," Queenie assured us. "His spirit is just.. in another realm..."

As she finished her sentance, Joker suddenly gasped, and shot into a sitting position, panting and fighting to catch his breath.

"Where am I? Am I back? Am I back?" He yelled. Seeing Jack, Queenie and I he flopped back down. "I'm home..." He murmured, and then his eyes slid shut and he fell into unconsciousness.

He reawakened hours later. I was sitting at his bedside when he did.

"Ace..." He mumbled. "Ace.. you.. I... I need.. I need to tell you.."

"Tell me what?" I asked, moving a little closer.

"Where I went. I.. I went to.. to Earth." He murmured.

"Dia's world?!" I cried. "How?"

"I.. possessed a doctor. She.. Her parents thought she was in a coma.. They think she's delusional, going on about 52, the game world where she lived.. They think it was all a dream she had whilst in her coma." He said, his voice getting stronger with every word. "That was the good news. Do you want the bad news?" I gulped.

"Ok. Tell me." I whispered.

"I have no idea how to get her back..." He replied. My heart dropped to the soles of my feet and I fought back tears.

"But.. But she can still get back, right Joker? I love her.. She has to be able to get back.." I sobbed.

"I.. I think so. But.. You're gonna need to help me find a way. We can look in books. God knows this house has enough of 'em." I smiled. Joker was definitely on the mend.

"Right. That's what we're going to do. We're going to get Dia back to planet 52!"

The End

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