Dia- Doctor Joker

I sat on my bed(my own bed), flicking through the channels like I did on the night I was sucked into Planet 52. 

'Dia, you should really come downstairs.' My mother said softly through the door, 'there's a doctor who wants to speak to you.'

'I'm not insane.' I said in a flat voice, turning off my television. I looked at my mum, shaking my head sadly, 'I'm just. . .'

'Sweetheart, you need some help. This place isn't real. It was just a dream you had in your coma.'

'It's real, I'm gonna go back.' I said in a determined voice, 'even if it kill--'


'Don't talk like that!' My mother shouted, she started crying, 'do not kill yourself over a petty matter such as this!'

'It's not petty, nor is it unimportant. I lived there, mum. I'm not insane. I really went, even if my body was left behind, my soul was taken there! It sounds messed up, but it was real!'

'It wasn't, Dia! It wasn't! I'm sending the doctor up!'

There was a slight creak as my door reopened, I lay on the bed, hugging my pack of cards.

'Dear me, Dia. I didn't know you loved our world so much.' A familiar voice snickered.

'. . .Joker. . .?' 

'Mhmm. You would not believe how long it took me to posses this guys damned body!' He grunted, sitting down on my bed. I looked up into the face of a man that was not Joker.

'Your lying. Your just trying to get into my head, that's what crazy-people doctors do.' I sighed, flopping back down on my quilt.

'Ace, King, Queenie, Jack. Ask me anything.'

'What colour was Jokers' hair.'


'What coloured dress did I wear to the party?'


'Who did I kiss?'


'Hmm. You seem pretty informed.' I said sceptically, 'if you are Joker, how do I get back?'

'No idea!' He said in a cheery voice. I looked at him blankly before I started laughing.

'Your Joker. Only you and Jack would be that blunt.'

'I know. It adds to my charm.' He sniggered, this childish expression didn't look good on the man he'd posessed.

'I want to go back, Joker.'I whispered, starting to cry.

'And I promise I'll get you back to Ace and the rest of us.'

'Who said I wanted to see him!' I puffed, frowning deeply.

'It's written all over your face. But, hey, I'm still here if you'll take me!' He checked his watch, 'I'll leave the house now, I've only got two minutes before I have to leave.'

'No! Joker!' I shouted as he left the room swiftly, I sat on my bed, shellshocked. Could I really, honestly go back?!

The End

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