Ace - What have I done?

After Dia stormed out, the rest of the day progressed normally. We whiled our way through the afternoon, and then ate dinner, Cordelia sitting in Dia's normal seat.

It was only after Cordelia had left that we began to get a little worried. King, Joker and I set off in search of Dia. We looked high and low, but we could not find her anywhere. In the end, we took to stopping passers by and asking them if they had seen her.

From most we got respectable, "no sir"'s.  Until we stopped the referee of the Hide and Seek games as he was leaving for the night.

"You didn't happen to see young Dia, my adopted daughter, earlier, did you?" King asked politely. The referee blanched. Immediately, I knew something was wrong.

"You did, didn't you?" I said, stepping closer to the man.

"Well, er, um, yes, I er, did. But, erm.. I would have thought.. Oh never mind... You'll find out sooner or later.." He stammered, and then tried to hurry on his way. Joker grabbed his arm, stopping him.

"What happened when you saw her?" I asked slowly. "We need to know." I stared at him.

"Well.. Ok. I'll tell you, but you ain't gonna like it." The referee said slowly.

"Well, it were about two this afternoon. She comes into the stadium, just as a game is starting, and yells: 'I'm PLAYING' or summat like that. Anyway, so she gets admitted, and then, I sees her hide behind a tree, I don't know what got into her. Well, then... Then she got caught. And it weren't like when most people disappear, with a little blip and a white light. A big flash of green light came, and.. and this deafening noise, like.. like a scream. And then.. then she was gone."

I gulped. She had wanted to be found. She had wanted to loose, even though she knew she would die. Tears ran down my cheeks. She was dead, and it was all my fault...

The End

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