Dia- Home

'I'm entering!' I shouted from the bleachers of the Hide and Seek stadium. The referee nodded and waved for me to come down.

'Didn't that girl win against Ace Royal?'

'Yeah, she's Dia Royal. I think she should join the Diamond house, she looks just like Lady Kite.'

'But who would ditch the House of Royals?'

'I heard she and Ace hate eachother and he's gone and humiliated her!'

'Ehhhh? Really?'


I smiled cynically as I listened to the whispers that surrounded me.

I sighed, I felt awful. I didn't even say goodbye to my makeshift family. Queenie. . .King. . .Joker.. . .Jack. . .


I shook him out of my head, I wouldn't even think about that jerk right now. He was such an idiot. I thought he loved me. Just because I've been friends with Joker for a while, he instantly turned on me. Grumbling to myself, I scrambled off the bleachers in a very unelegant way.

'Contestants! ON YOU MARKS! GET SET. . ..GOOOOO! HIDE AND SEEEEEEEK!' The voice screamed gleefully. 

I picked the most simple place I could find. Behind a tree. Someone would find me here, I'd get sent home. I kept my fingers crossed that I'd be able to live on in my world rather than die like Jack had said I would. I pinched myself, sucking in a deep breath, making myself heard as the Seeker headed my way.

I closed my eyes, the tears fell  easily. I was going to go home. Wait for me mum, dad. I'll be back soon!

I inhaled deeply,  stepping out from behind the tree. I wasn't going to die. I wasn't going to die. I wasn't going to--




I felt my body get enveloped by a greenish light, covering me like a quilt, warming my blood. The old sensation of drowning returned as I entered the blue space. The empty place.

I smiled as the tears rolled down my face, unable to move, unable to breathe, unable to wipe the droplets away.

beeeeeep beep beep beep beep beep.

A strange noise rang in my ears and I opened my blurry eyes.

'Dia. . .oh. . .OH MY GOD! DIA! NURSE, NURSE!' A kind, familiar voice wept.

'..  .mum. . .? What's going on?' I croaked, trying to sit up, but I was pushed down my a man in white. I frowned at him.


'No, my name is Dr. Connor. I've been looking after you whilst you were in a coma.'

'I wasn't in a coma.' I mumbled, confused. I would've thought I was missing. Not in a coma. . .that means. . .

'It wasn't real . . .?' I whispered, horrified. My first friends, my first time being loved, my first time falling in love. It wasn't real? All a dream?

'What wasn't?' My mother asked, holding my hand.

'Ace. .. Queenie, King, Jack, Joker! None of them?!' I shouted, 'You can't do that! They were all there! Fifty two was real! LET ME GO BACK TO SLEEP! I make a mistake!'

'Shhshh! Calm down! Your blood pressure will rise!' The nurse who was sorting out a machine next to my bed hushed me, the doctor looked at me, concered.

'You may need some extra medication, unless this wears off.' He told my mother in a stern voice.

'I'M NOT INSANE! I JUST WANTED TO LOOSE BECAUSE I WAS UPSET! SEND ME BACK!' I shrieked, sitting up, my hands in my hair with frustration. They didn't get it!

Okay, it was immature to run away from my problems, but I know that now! 



The End

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