Ace - Small victories.

I suppressed a small smile as Dia stormed out of the room. Joker did nothing, simply picking up the pin, which was soaked with Dia's blood, and pocketing it. RUN AFTER HER! I wanted to scream. What an idiot... I thought, smiling at him. He was messing it up perfectly with Dia.

"What was that all about?" Asked Cordelia innocently.

"Oh, uh, nothing, she just gets a bit.. emotional at times." I lied smoothly. From the corner of my eye, I saw Queenie and King whispering and shooting me odd looks. "Well, I don't think I got the opportunity to formally introduce my lovely friend here-" Cordelia blushed "-This is Cordelia Heart, and she is my new girlfriend. If she'll have me, of course." I smiled at Cordelia, whose cheeks only reddened further.

"Of course I will Acey!" She said, and threw her arms about my neck, kissing me, despite the fact my whole family was watching.

I grinned, pulling away slightly. Joker was staring at me, his expression unreadable. But I recognized the glint in his eye. He was planning some dastardly trick, and I knew it. Well, I wouldn't let that happen.

Pulling Cordelia aside, I murmured: "Don't pay any attention to anything my brother Joker - with the blue hair - Every time I get a new girlfriend he gets crazy jealous and tries to steal her from me. But I don't want that to happen with you.." I looked deep into her eyes.

"Really?" She whispered. "That's terrible.. I won't fall for his tricks."

I bent and let my lips brush hers for just a moment. When she reopened her eyes, they were bright, and full of a defiant spark. I grinned, and pulled her into an embrace.

Sometimes it was OK just having the little victories in life..

The End

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