Dia- Out, Off and Angry

I sat at the breakfast table, fidgeting with the aching palm. I winced as it throbbed with a stinging pain.

'Joker, my hand kills!' I moaned, rubbing my thumb along it. I was on the verge of tears. If Joker were a cat, his ear's would've pricked up instantly.  He looked at me, his eyes wide, so wide I could see his whole iris.

I gasped in horror as a little silver pin pushed it's way out of my palm, forcing the skin to be ripped.

'OWWWWW!!!' I shrieked, ripping the silver object from within my hand, splattering blood over the table. I jumped up, hopping around in agony. Queenie rushed in with a Ace who looked about as shocked as I did.

I ran up to him and threw my arms around his neck, 'ACE! My hand!!! My hand!!!' I wailed, he patted my back awkwardly, pushing me away to get a good look at my tear-streaked face.

'I swear, in movies when these things happen. . .why do the girls just stand there and wince?!' I mumbled, sitting  down on the floor, licking my palm.

The three of the stood there, shocked. I looked up, confused.

'You okay, Dia?' Joker asked, walking up to me.

'Mhmm. Joker, mannnn! what did you shove in my hand at the meeting with the townspeople?' I asked him, prodding his leg.

'So you. .. ' Ace began, furious.

'Hello.' A voice called from the doorway. I looked up, trembling from the after shock of a pin shooting out of my palm to see a pretty girl hovering in the doorway.

A beautiful redhead smiled at us, pale skin which seemed to glow in the candle light, and eyes which I knew were green from five meters away. Oh, yeah. Even if I'm a girl, she's pretty hot.

'Hey.' I greeted her, throwing up a hand(not the poorly one).

'Good morning, miss Heart.' Queenie gave a little curtsey, I raised my eyebrows. This chick must be something if the Queen bowed at her.

'Hi.' Joker said bluntly, turning back to the table where he began cutting up his eggs.

What shocked me even more then, was that the girl(let's call her Snow White) ran up to Ace, her heels clacking on the floor, and grabbed his arm and stuck to it like a sucker fish.

'Uhumm. . .what are you doing?' I asked, trying to hide the fury that was burning under my skin, my politeness didn't seem to be very kind as it sounded like I was midway through killing someone.

'You must be Ace's sister!' She laughed, 'I'm Cordelia Heart, Ace and I just had lunch together.'

'Mhmm. And what is the meaning of this, Ace?' I asked coldly, trying to be as graceful as Snow White when I stood up. I felt intimidated by this beauty, like my role as Ace's love would be abolished.

'. . .I wanted someone to be with?'

'Mhmm. Yeah. Real smooth, Ace. Thanks a bunch. No, really, thanks. It's nice to know your true feelings!' I snapped, I wasn't even crying. I was just really, really angry.

'Dia, dearest--'

'I'm going out to play Hide and Seek, Queenie.' I said in a final tone, throwing the bloody pin on the floor as I stormed out. I actually wanted to flounce out, but I ended up storming, taking my anger out of the floorboards.


The End

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