Ace - Desperation

I sat in bed for two straight hours, numb.The image of Joker and Dia, together at the altar, Dia looking beautiful in a white dress, Joker in a tuxedo... The priest saying the words of marriage, them putting rings on each other, and the priest announcing: "You may now kiss the bride!"

I was being torn apart... How could I let Dia go through with this marriage.. I loved her. That much I was sure of. And I was sure I would rather die than see her be with Joker for the rest of her life.. I had to try and change her mind. Make her jealous... Hmm, yes, that was what I would do. Find a pretty young girl and make her mine. Rub her in Dia's face.

It was decided. I didn't like it, using a girl like this, but it seemed like my only option. So I dressed in my nicest clothes, clean black skinnies, a crisp white shirt, blred waistcoat and a black tail-coat, along with my trademark top top, and strode from the house. My black, shiny leather brogues click-clacked on the paving stones as I walked briskly toward the center of town. There, I began my search.

I needed a girl who was not just pretty, but gorgeous, who everyone admired, one who would make Dia feel plain. A real character.

After almost two hours of searching, I found her. She was with a gaggle of friends, but she stood out the most. She had vivid, red hair, falling in loose curls to her elbows. She wore a loose white shirt and a green skirt that hung only to her knees. Her black boots were leather, and knee high, with a 3 inch heel. It was clear she was the leader of the group, loud, laughing, a little bossy, but everyone respected her, even if it was just because of her incredible beauty. Her skin was white as snow, and her eyes were as green as grass. Her lips were soft and full and her form was suitably curvy.

I approached them, triggering nudges, and blushing giggles.

"Good day, ladies." I said formally, addressing them all, but looking straight into the eyes of my target. "I am Ace. And you are?"

"Yeah, we know who you are. You're Ace Royal.." Said the red-head. "I'm Cordelia, Cordelia Heart." She smiled at me, flashing pearly white teeth. I noticed she didn't bother to introduce her friends. As soon as we started talking, it was as if the rest of the world dropped away and it was just me and her, standing alone on a tiny island, floating through space.

"Ah, a daughter of the notorious Heart family." I smiled. That was where I recognized her from. The four houses of Heart, Diamond, Club and Spade were almost as important as us Royals, though of course, not quite. It was as if we were the sun and they were the planets, revolving around us.

"Indeed." She murmured, looking down, then letting her eyes dart up and meet my own. I knew right away she was flirting with me. "Was there something you needed?" She played with a strand of her hair.

"Well, actually, I was wondering if you would like to come to lunch with me?" I asked, looking away, pretending to be shy.

"Really? Um, I mean, sure!" She cried, fumbling for words. I smiled, and held out my arm. She took it, and we walked away, her calling goodbye to her friends, who were clearly used to it.

We ate in the fanciest restaurant I could find, talking and laughing and flirting. Then, I suggested we walk to a park. There, standing by a beautiful fountain, I said:

"This is a pretty fountain, huh?"

"Yeah.." She almost whispered, staring at me.We were standing incredibly close. Kissing distance.

"But not nearly as pretty as you.." I said, making her blush. I wasn't lying, I really did find her beautiful. But I just didn't love her the way I loved Dia.. "I.. I asked you out to lunch today because I've thought you're gorgeous for a while now.. I just never thought you'd give me a second glance. But I psyched myself up.. and when you said yes.. You don't know what it meant to me.." I tailed off, amazed at how easily the lies came.

We stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like an age, and then, slowly, she reached up and slid her arms around my neck. I put one hand on her waist, and the other on her cheek, and our lips touched. An explosion of sensations went off in my head. Pleasure, happiness, lust... But the most prominent feelings were those of guilt, and a deep sense of wrongness. This should be Dia...

I broke off, and smiled, pretending the good sensations were all I had felt.

"Now, come meet my family.."

The End

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