Dia- I'm Eleven

'See ya,' I called from the doorway as I exited the house, anticipating my first day at a new school.

'You sure you don't want to be dropped off?' Dad asked in a concerned voice, popping his head round the door of his study.

'I'm fine. I need some exercise anyways.' I laughed, saluting him as I slammed the door shut.

All I could think was, "I'm finally eleven! I'm off to high school!" I was going to my secondary school alone, all of my other friends went to other schools. But I would have gone with them if mum and dad hadn't decided to move. I missed them dearly, but I'd just have to suck it up I guess.

As I cautiously approached my form room, shying away from other chatty students, I popped my head round the door. There were a few students sitting around a few tables already, all of them very talkative.

'Ohmigod! Your Dia! Your the kid of Maxie and Meleine!' One of them gasped pointing at me, I froze. I wanted to keep my family linage quiet. But it was out in the open now.

'Cause of my parents being famous, I get pointed at wherever I go. It sucks, but I got used to it. 

'Um, yeah.' I mumbled, tilting my head to down to allow my hair to cover my face, because I was blushing.

Sometimes I just wish I could go somewhere, somewhere where I was popular because I was cool, and someone. Not because of my parents.


I guess I didn't know then the phrase, Be careful what you wish for.

The End

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