Ace - A trip down memory lane

Ugh. Joker was so twisted. Why would he do such a sick thing? The very thought disgusted me. How could I have thought that we may have reached a truce, even for a moment? Psh. As if. He was still the creepy weirdo he had been when we first met.

Only... he hadn't always been this way, had he? I remembered when we were just kids of about six or seven, and we were both living in the slums of planet 52, our families poor and unknown. We had used to travel to the big city together, along with a crowd of other grubby slum children, and beg for money.

Some of the rich, high-flying gamer types would take pity on this pair of urchins, and throw a few coins into our fraying caps. At the end of the day, it was always a competition to see who had scrounged the most pennies. Those were the days. The innocent days when we thought the only way to get money from people was to sit on street corners, looking cute and sad.

Then, when we were about nine, Joker - though of course, he hadn't been called Joker then - had discovered a new way of getting money. A far more dangerous, thrilling and exciting way of getting more money than ever. To him, it was merely a game, stealing women's purses and men's wallets from their bags when they weren't looking. He quickly perfected the art, and taught me how to do it, too. Soon we were practically rolling in cash, and had enough to buy nice clothes, lots of food, and enough to get our families homes in the big city. Of course, the homes were nothing compared to the mansions of the big families - like the Royals - but they were far better than our shacks. I mean, they had running water!

Now we were living in the city, aged only 12 or so, it took us very little time to discover all there was about the gaming world. The big dogs, King and Queen Royal, who, at that time, had just adopted their first son, Jack. I was determined to gain the attention of the Royals, and so I convinced Joker to team up with me and go into the Junior league games.

Together, we were unstoppable. We could beat anyone, and soon ruled the charts of the top young gamers, catching the eye of a certain special young boy. Jack. He found me, walking through the streets on my own one day. Joker was ill, and I was thinking about going in for some games on my own.

"Hey, you're the talented young gamer, right? Where's your friend?" Jack had asked. "My parents are down at the hide and seek arena, they want to see what you two are made of. If you're lucky, you might even get adopted!"

In the spur of the moment, I made a decision I would live to regret. I was only young, and I thought that if King and Queen saw both Joker and I, they might decide they could not adopt us both, or they might decide to adopt Joker over me...

"Oh, he decided to drop out of gaming. His parents didn't approve." I lied smoothly. And so I played on my own, won, and listened, grinning, as King and Queen announced that they were adopting me. I didn't even think of Joker once...

Joker had found me two weeks later, and we had had a roaring argument. He wanted to know why I hadn't waited. Why I had gamed without him. I had no answers. I shunned him, and thus, we became enemies..

It was me who made him this way...

The End

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