Dia- Life's an Adventure

I woke up on a bed, laying down on the plush blankets with a heavy quilt dragged over my cut-up body.

I winced as I sat up. I looked to my left and spied Ace, fast asleep with his mouth slightly open. I chuckled and flopped back down.

'Well, mum. When you said lifes an adventure to enjoy, I didn't think I'd be taken this far.' I said to my mother, who was in a different world sarcastically.

'Who's your mother?' Ace mumbled coldly. I laughed at his groggy attempt at wit, flicking his forehead.

'I wonder if I'll ever go back home?'I pondered, sitting up and fiddling with my thumbs.


I looked at him, my eyebrows raised. He winced guiltily.

'I just know that if you left, Joker'd be distraught.' He sighed, running a hand through his hair. I looked at his skinny body..  .

'GYAHH!!' I screamed, pulling the blanket over myself, squeezing my eyes tight shut as I dragged it off Ace's body and onto my own.

'DIA! GIVE ME SOME!' He roared, tugging on to hard.

'NOOO!!!' I wailed, 'WHY AM I NAKED!!'

'Heh. Well, your clothes were dirty.' Joker snickered from the doorway, I felt my cheeks redden, 'it's not like you've got a bad body or anything.'

'JOKER! You looked?!' I squealed, covering my crimson cheeks.

'Of  course I looked, dummy. I'm the one who took yours and Ace's clothes off! But I must say, I gained much more pleasure from undressing you.' He added, a larger smirk crossing his face.

'Joker. Your such an idiot.' Ace sighed, grabbing a blanked from the end of the bed and wrapping it around his hips. I puffed out the air I'd been holding tight in my lungs.

'Anyways, doesn't matter seeing as your going to be my wife soon.' Joker smiled at me warmly, picking me up in a princess hold(with the blanket also), and cradeling me to his chest.

'Joker. . .' I began, blushing furiously, Ace looked away. His face hard and his jawline set in a harsh line.

'Let's go back to our room.' Joker laughed, pulling on one of my cheeks.

'Bye, Ace.' I mumbled, waving.

'If you even think about seeing her naked once, Ace. I'll slit your throat.' Joker hissed as he carried me out of the room.


The End

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