Dia- Half the Pack.


I sat on a bench in the street, wondering why everyone had disappeared at exactly ten. Sighing, I leaned back on the wall, something clasped around my neck.

'Wha--?' I screamed, my voice being cut off as something sharp sliced my arm.

'Here's one! Take her to the stadium!' A gruff voice shouted hoarsely.

I screamed in pain as my arm seared due to the long cut running up it, crying as I punched the person who'd hoisted me over their shoulder with my good arm.

'Let me go! Get off me! No! Stop it!!' I shrieked, as I resorted to kicking him where he did most of this thinking(ie; NOT his head).

'You little --' He snarled as he fell to the floor with a 'uomph!' noise. I wiped away my tears and sprinted away, running as fast as my legs could carry me.

Even when my throat was clogged up and dying for a drink, and even when my lungs felt like they were going to burst, and even when my legs felt like dead weight; I carried on running, not allowing myself to stop.

'Joker!' I cried, 'Ace!' I ran towards the pair of young men at full pelt, they turned around with huge smirks on their faces.

These were not.. .they looked the same. . .but something was different. . .no. . .

'Wrong. Didn't you know that there's more than one of the same card in a pack!?' The Dark-Joker snickered, grabbing my wrist.

'I don't think they told her about the Half Pack.' The Dark-Ace sighed mock-sadly.

'What are you on about!?' I squealed as on of them tugged on my hair, I tried slapping his hand away with no avail.

'After ten PM, the "other half" of the cards come out. I am Ace.'

'And I am Joker.'

'NO YOUR NOT!'  I yelled at them, screaming until I was blue in the face, 'YOUR NOT ACE AND JOKER!'

'Don't treat ladies like that, children. It's wrong.' A familiar voice called out, with a sinister tint to it.

'QUEENIE! HELP!' I wept.

'Hmhm. Indeed, I am Queenie.' She cackled.

'No. . .no. . .' I moaned as she sauntered up to me and grabbed a fistful of my shirt.

'Do what you like with her.'She grunted, kicking my shin with her boot-clad foot, I yelped in pain, then screamed as I watched Dark-Joker produce a sinister-looking blade as did Dark-Ace.

'No. . .no. . ' I sniffed as they neared me, 'help. . .no. . .mum. . .dad. . .' I wept softly before passing out.

The End

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