Dia- An Old Game


Ace looked at me in a weird way, as though he had just been told that he was going to die.

Joker walked over to him and whispered into his ear, Ace's face was contorted with fury and he looked at me pleadingly. Joker sauntered back to my side, with a huge smirk on his face. I cocked my head with curiosity before shrugging indifferently. It was between them, I didn't need to know.

'C'mon, Dia. You can sleep in my bed tonight.' He smiled, kissing me on the cheek. I noticed how putting emphasis on the tow words, making Ace flinch.

I frowned, confused by their conflict. I don't get them, and I don't think I ever will. Chuckling to myself, I nodded and walked away.

Leaving Ace and Joker behind, when I turned my head, Ace was pointing a finger at Joker and was growling something so low I couldn't quite catch it. Curious, I hid behind one of the hallways' pillars, I knew eavesdropping was bad, but it had to be done in a situation like this one.

'You cast a spell on her!'Ace snarled, raising a fist.

'Only because of that game from long, long ago. Do you remember, Ace?' Joker laughed cruelly.

'No! I have no idea what your talking about! I've hardly ever played any  games with you, Joker!' Ace snapped, inhaling deeply, trying to calm himself.

'Oh, I shall replenish your memory,' Joker cleared his throat, ' "when Ace, from the house of royals falls in love, I shall do my best to also fall in love with that women. And make her fall in love with me, too. Once my job there is done, I shall make that women my wife and we shall have a family; leaving Ace behind." And because you were so angry, stuck-up and moody back then, you agreed, telling me you'd never fall in love.'

I stifled my gasp, sinking to the floor, Ace was in love with me? I knew that, but did he love me that much? Joker loved me too, so I guess I can't leave him.

Joker had already produced a ring for me, and so, I promised myself I'd live a long and prosperous life with him. But how would Ace take this? And would I even stay here? What about my family? And my real life?

I felt my breath quicken and my head started spinning. My family. . .mum. . .dad. . .why did I leave them all? If I'd just ran out of the house before the light could've taken me, it'd all be okay. But no, they just had to suck me into their mess!

'But, then, you said to make the game more enjoyable,' Joker continued, 'that if you somehow did fall in love, that if you confessed twice, she'd be sent back to her own world, never to return so you could be free of the burden of love!'

I closed my eyes, asking myself why I even came to listen in. My head was filled with cruel thoughts now and I felt sick.

'I know. I remember.' Ace said quietly.

'And you should also know, that you said you'd die as well if you confessed your feeling twice. Hah! You really are something!' Joker laughed, slapping his knee.

'I know.'Ace repeated, 'that's why I'll leave her to you.'

'Oh, and it's okay if I make her mine tonight, make her mine for real?' Joker asked teasingly, but Ace stopped in his tracks, he regained himself, but his movements were jerked and like a robots.

'I'll leave her in your care.' Ace said in a flat voice, he walked off, still walking like a robot.

I felt my eyes fill up with tears, I was shaking like mad. I ran off down the hall, not caring if Joker saw me, I ran as far as I could. Running out of the mansion, down the steps and deep into the heart of the city.





The End

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