Ace - Rejected.

When we got back to the house, I took Dia's hand, ready to lead her to my room, but she just shook me off, giving me an odd look.

"I'm glad we can be friends now." She smiled, and went over to where Joker, was standing. She hugged him, and I had to look away when they kissed. My newly-healed heart tore into a million pieces.

Oh, Ace, how stupid of you. You thought just because you told her you loved her, and put your reputation on the line in doing so, that things would go back to normal? Psh. Get real. As if. She loves him now. A little voice muttered bitterly in the back of my mind. I gulped, and turned on my heel, striding back out of the doors.

I couldn't stand it any longer. Maybe being disowned would be better than living in a world where the love of my life was with another man...

The End

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