Dia- A Pin, A Change

I stood side by side with Ace, fidgeting with nerves, he squeezed m hand, his eyes still looking forward. Joker came and stood next to me, taking my other hand. Ace glared at him, but I just shrugged.

As Queenie, King and Jack explained Ace's situation, I smiled. Thinking about how rough and bad our relationship was beforehand, and now, he'd lost a game so he could say "I love you". It was pretty awesome if you ask me, I'm kind of glad now that I got sucked into my television. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, what with the games and cards. Chuckling to myself, I squeezed Ace and Joker's hands tighter.

Joker pressed something sharp and cold into my palm and I winced, 'oww!!'

Tears pricked into the beck of my eyes, then they ceased almost instantly.

Why was I about to cry? I was with the boy I liked, he had done so many great things for me and I can believe he's all mine.

I'm betting that if I stay in this messed up, but amazing world any longer, it'll be time spent with him.

Yeah, I'll spend all my days with Joker.

The End

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