Dia- Restarted

I sobbed into my hands after he kissed me, trying to get rid of his words. Ace sat there, dumbstruck by his own forwardness.

'I. . . Ace. . .' I stared at the spot where Ace was. I must have missed the "click" noise while I was crying. I sat there, shell shocked. I, Dia, had ruined Ace's perfect rep. All because he said he loved me.

'Crap! Joker! Queenie! King! Jack! SOMEONE!' I shouted, my voice cracking before I started crying again.

Jack rushed in a blinked slowly.

'Dia, where is Ace?'

'He. . .lost. . .our game. . .he. . .lost. . .' I wept, clutching the blankets where he's been sitting, 'what. . .waht an idiot!!'

'Dia, what was your game?' Joker asked as he walked in.

'First one to.  ..to say "I love you" looses. . .' I cried, trying to hide my face from the two boys, so they wouldn't see this ugly side of me.

Joker froze and walked out of the room, at the same time Queenie and King came barging in.

'He lost a game to Dia.'

'Does this. . .this mean. . .he'll be kicked out of the House of Royals?' I sniffed, looking up. Queenie and King exchanged looks, then shook their heads, looking stern.

'His contract was that if he lost more than three times, he'd be orphaned. King, Jack, why don't you go pick him up. I'm sure he'll attract alot of unwanted attention.' Queenie ordered, her cute personalitly cool.

I looked up, ' . ..sorry. . .'

'It's okay, Dia. He's not dead!' Queenie scoffed, making my burst into another batch of tears.

The End

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