Dia- No Longer There

I scowled, tears stinging my eyes. I growled to myself as I wiped them away. HA! I didn't even need him. He was. . .was. . .just my brother.

'Dia? Are you crying?' Joker laughed as he walked up to me. I looked at him, the tears that once filled my eyes were gone. He smiled and shook his head, running a hand through his hair.

I walked up to him and hugged him. He seemed quite shocked for a second then hugged me back, making soothing noises that made no sense as I sobbed into his shirt.


A few weeks later.

'Joker, can we go watch hide and seek?' I asked him, as I flopped down on our bed.

Ace and briefly talk when needed, never make eye contact and I have recently moved rooms. I now jump rooms from Jack to Joker.

I don't know why I didn't like oker in the first place, he's much more easy going and listens more than Ace did, he doesn't tease me much and when he does, it's not nasty.

'Sure. Isn't Ace compeating in that one?' He said quietly, running a hand through his blue hair. I stiffened.

'I'm hoping he'll loose.' I laughed, smiling at Joker who smirked back before pushing be down on the bed, kissing me.

'Are you. . .' A voice said from the doorway before trailing off into a weird grunting noise. We looked up to see Ace standing in the doorway awkwardly.

'Sorry, what did you want?' Joker said before I could snipe at him, standing in front of me as though to hide me from Ace's view.

'Are you going to watch the match?' Ace asked in a tight voice.

'Yes, see you there.' Joker said calmly before shutting the door in his face.

I was glad I didn't react to Ace's presence. But that was only because he no longer had a place in my heart.

He was no longer there.

The End

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