Dia- Just a sister.

'DIA!' A familiar voice shouted in a angry voice. I looked up from the food table I was standing at to see a man, who must have been Ace judging by his voice and the blue haired Joker who'd moved onto yet another lady this evening.

'She's over there, Ace.' Joker laughed in a way the mocked Ace's very pride.

'Yo.' I called, raising a hand. His head snapped over to where I was. He sighed, as if the world had been lifted off of his shoulders and sauntered over to my place at the cheese and pineapple table.

'I thought he'd molested you again.'

'And you'd care why?'

I could see his eyes narrowed under his mask as he glared at me, I chuckled and flicked his cheek.

'I can tell it's you from a mile away.' He stated a matter of factly.

'Oh really now?' I smirked.

'Yeah, your stench.'

My face darkened and I grabbed ahold of his ear and pulled it. Hard.

'Owowowowow! Dia! I was kidding! Joking! I was joking!' Ace yelled as I pulled him along with me towards the bathroom.

I could have sworn I heard another person say my name as I led Ace outside. He grinned as he caught on, leaning down as I wrapped my arms around his neck, he pushed me against the wall in a very un-Ace-like manner. I frowned as he kissed me in a way he had never kissed me before.

'Dia! What the hell are you doing?!' Ace's voice nearly screeched, I opened my eyes, wondering what he was so mad about. But I opened them to see, not Ace's, but Joker's face.

'What. . .when did. . .huuuuh?' I yelped, jumping away from Joker's grasp.

'Nice way to treat the man you led out on your own accord.' Joker smirked, I felt my heartbeat quicken along with my breathing. I .  ..it was Ace I had dragged out, right?

I put a fist to my mouth and blushed, 'no! That was a dirty trick! You.  ..you were Ace!' I wailed, my legs felt like jelly.

'Hah. Really now? Hey, Ace. Did you know your women likes to kiss other men? Now you do.' Joker boomed, licking his lips. I felt my face turn scarlet and Ace looked at me in a way that made me feel like crying.

'She's not my women, Joker. She is, simply put, my younger sister.' He said bluntly, not even putting an emphasis on any of the words. They were cold as ice, slicing through my mind, making me feel sick.

Sister. Younger sister.



The End

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