Ace - Masked Ball

In the end, Queenie decided the ball was going to be a Masquerade, sending the notification letters out the day before the party. The town went into a frenzy, trying to find masks to match their outfits. I, of course, was fine. I had Queenie dressing me. I would never look like a fool.

The ball, Queenie had announced, also doubled as a 'Welcome to the family' do for Dia, and of course, my darling brother, Joker. I hated him more than ever now he was my 'brother'. He seemed to be constantly stealing moments with Dia, whispering to her, touching her arm, her back, her cheek. The very thought made me want to hit something.

When the evening of Friday finally came around, the mansion was humming with activity. I slipped into my white shirt, black tie, black waist coat and beautiful, bright red jacket and trousers. Then I pulled a large, full face mask on. It was ivory-white, and patterned all over with little swirls of red, with a big hourglass shaped red patch over the eyes. I swept down the stairs and to the entrance of the ballroom. It was a typical ball room, with stairs leading down to the dance floor.

From the noise inside, the guests had all arrived and King, Queenie and the others had already made their big entrance. I was, admittedly, a little late, but it still stung. Then, I looked on the bright side, and grinned to myself under the mask. I always liked making dramatic entrances. I took a deep breath, and pushed both doors open, striding in. Dozens of masked faces were turned in my direction. I grinned.

Now to find Dia... If only I knew what she was wearing.. I cursed, and wove my way through the crowd, attracting stares wherever I went. I grinned again, and then frowned. In the corner there was the back of a familiar blue-haired head leaning over a smaller figure. Who was blonde. And wearing a dress. DIA!

The End

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