Dia- Cheer Up

I sat on the edge of Queenie's bed, my ears taking in the noise she blasted out about the party. But I wasn't really listening. I was worried about Ace. He seemed really angry about Joker becoming our brother.

I shuddered, using "our" made it sound weird. Like Ace and I were siblings or something. Which would just be wrong. Very wrong.

'I'm going to look for Ace!' I declared, Queenie looked at me in suprise before smiling.

'Go find him. Cheer him up.' Queenie gave a sad smile and pushed me out of the door.


I soon found out running around in a dress isn't as easy as it looks. I thought if Queenie could do it, so could I. WRONG.

I kept on tripping on the hem, by the time I spotted Ace sitting in the hide and seek arena stands I was a utter mess. I sprinted towards him, he had his eyes closed and his head was tilted to one side. He was asleep.

'You look silly.' I murmured as I sat next to him. I prodded him in the shoulder repeatedly until he awoke with a start.

'Uhh?!' He grunted, his head jolting up, I sniggered at him and he looked my way, 'oh. Did you need me?'

'Nope. Just came to cheer you up.' I grinned bumping my shoulder into his. He gave a faint smile, I frowned, 'c'mon! I've seen you do better than that!'

I put a finger to each side of his mouth and forced him to smile until he cracked and started laughing. I smiled. He seemed to be in a better mood now, thank god. Ace is really, really nasty when he's in a foul mood

'You should be careful around Joker. We don't want a repeat of last time.' Ace said, suddenly serious.

'Why? D'you care or something?' I smirked.

He paused, then scowled at me. I laughed at his foolishness and tugged on his cheek.

'Anyways. . .' He looked at my head, 'why the hell are you wearing my hat?'

'Because it's an awesome hat.'

'I know. Because it's mine.' He reached out and pulled it off my head, my heart started pumping as I saw how close his face was to mine.

'Ace. . . 'I whispered, looking at him, he looked back his eyes locking onto mine as he moved closer. Just as he was closing his eyes, I grinned and moved away, 'Ace. Did you think I was going to kiss you or something?'

He opened his eyes and glared at me. I gave a huge smile back and laughed, 'foolish boy!'



The End

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