Ace - Is this a joke?

I simply stared at Joker. Surely this was simply another one of his tricks? Surely.

"Queenie, tell me he's kidding. Tell me you haven't invited my biggest rival- and not to mention  worst enemy - into the family? That's like asking a murderer to join the family!" I cried, outraged.

"Now, now Acey-babe." Queen said, smoothing my hair with one hand. "He is an amazing gamer, so King and I decided to invite him into the family! Now, what shall the dress code be for our ball on Friday? Evening wear? Hmm, yes. And the theme is black and red." She acted as though the discussion was over, and I knew that, as far as she was concerned, it was. So I stalked off in search of King.

I found him in the midst of a tense game of Chess with a challenger.

"King, can I talk to you? Its urgent." I muttered in his ear.

"If you please, we will have a ten minute break now." King said with a charming smile. His opponent nodded, and King got up and led the way out of the room. "What was it, Ace, my boy?"

"Is this some kind of sick joke? A trick? You invited Joker into the family? You know I loathe and despise him." I hissed.

"Ace, don't lose your cool. You know what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I'm helping you do that!" He smiled that charming smile, and I almost wanted to believe he really had had my best intentions at heart when he made the decision to let Joker in to the family. But no.

"No King. No matter if you are keeping your enemies close, you don't invite them into your household." And with that, I left, storming out of the house. I walked, and then jogged, ran, sprinted away, until I was far, far from the Royal House. I found myself in front of the Hide and Seek stadium. It seemed a game was about to start. So I entered the stands, sat down at the back and switched off, allowing myself to fume silently.

I needed to do something about this. SOON.

The End

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