Dia- Another 'Brother'

A huge smirk spread accross my face as Ace seemed to be thinking about letting go of me or not.

'I'm off.' I announced.

'Wha--? I mean, sure. Go ahead.' Ace said cooly.

'But before, you seem to have some crumbs on your cheek.' I sighed, 'messy eater.' I tried to hide my devilish grin as I leaned forward and licked his cheek. I felt it heat up as I did so. I may have blushed a little myself.

And with that, I skipped out of the room, still in Ace's shirt. I didn't need to change because I had a devious little plan up my sleeve.

'Queenie?' I asked gently, knocking on her door.

'Enter.' She looked up from the book she was reading, 'oh Dia, darling! What is it?'

'Can you put me in a dress?' I asked, smiling sweetly.

'Really?!' Queenie's face lit up like a lighthouse in the dead of night, 'you want to look like a princess?!'

'. . .Umm.  ..yes?'

'Yay!' She gave a little jump, losing her queenly attitude for a moment before collecting herself, she rang a little bell, 'I will call for a maid to fit one of my old ones for you!'


I stood in front of the mirror, gaping at my reflection. When she said princess. . .man oh man. . .wow. . .

'There!' The maid said proudly, admiring her handiwork.

The dress I had been shoved in was about knee-length, dark red with fine stitching details.

'Queenie? Have you seen. . .Dia. . .any. . .'Ace burst into the room. I saw his eyes pop out of their sockets for a second in a way that made me snicker into my hand.

'I'm here.'

'I can see that. Why are you dressed up?'

'Because I'm a princess.' I retorted, throwing the truth onto his head like a ton of bricks.

'I guess so.'

'Look at him, maid, Dia! He's blushing! Does our little girl look so beautiful to make the cold-boy who never loses.  ..blush?' Queenie cried dramatically, swooping out her arms before wrapping them around my waist from behind, 'I want to have a ball now! Maid! Let's arrange a ball for next Friday!'

'Yes m'am.' The maid smiled at Queenie's childish personality and exited the room. As she did, someone else walked in.

'My, my, it seems I've been blessed by the presence of a angel.' Joker smiled, bowing at Queenie and I, budging Ace out of the way.

'Joker. I thought I told you to leave!' Ace said in a  icy tone that sent shivers up my spine.

'Leave? No, no! I live here! I've joined the House of Royals!'


The End

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