Ace - Teasing

If this was a game, I was not going to lose. I was going to WIN. Even though I had never really been in a relationship before, I knew from books, and just by instinct, what I needed to do to make Dia give way to me.

First thing in the morning, I went out and picked a bunch of the most beautiful flowers. Then I bought a box of chocolates, and put them on the pillow next to where Dia still slumbered. Then I sauntered off and had a shower. When I was dressed, she was awake, staring at the gifts with a small smile .

"You..?" She asked. I smiled, and held out my arms. She fell into them easily, and I tilted her head up, cupping her chin in the palm of my hand. Then I leaned down, and let my lips brush against hers. Without hesitation, she threw her arms about my neck, and deepened the kiss. When I broke off she began to murmur: "I l-" She caught herself at the last second, giving me an evil grin that told me I would not win that easily. "I think I owe you a thank you, was what I was going to say."

I scowled, but I couldn't quite push her away in my anger like I would have liked to. I just... couldn't...

The End

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