Dia- The Ultimate Game!!

I sat behind a pillar in the huge hallway near the front doors. My cheeks were pink and my breathing ragged(mainly from the fact I ran so much). I heard footsteps, slow, ominous footsteps.

I stopped my breath, holding it until it felt like I would pass out. But I stubbornly kept ahold of it, m head felt a little light and my chest was cold. I gave up.

'GYUUUUH!!' I panted as I sucked in another mouthful of air. The footsteps quickened and stopped on the other side of the pillar. Once again, my breathing ceased, I tried to flatten myself against the pillar-- and failed-- to hide myself.


'Yes? . . .dammit!' I answered unintentionally, cursing myself for being so stupid.

'It is you! Explain what you did back there!' Ace yelled, jumping out. I shuffled backwards, wondering whether I could get away quick enough.

'Don't even think about running away!' He growled, his green eyes flashing.


'A game with whom?'

'Um. . .myself?'

'That doesn't count!'

'Then a game with you?!'

'What sort of game?' He asked suspiciously, his kitty-like eyes narrowing.

'A game. . .whoever admits their feelings first looses!' I squealed as he pulled on my ear to get my answer out, my cheeks flushed as I said it in the heat of the moment, 'crap!'

'.  ..Did you mean to say that or was it a mistake?'

'In the heat of the moment! Crap! Now were stuck!' I mumbled, 'sorry! sorry!' I cried, flopping down on the floor.

'Stuck? Whoever said I even liked you in that way?' Ace snapped. I felt my eyes widen and tears well up inside them. Did he mean that? I was quite sure, judging my his earlier reaction, that he liked me in that way. So he actually didn't?

How embarrassing!!!!!

'Anyway, I accept. It's not like I'll loose this time!' He smiled a cat-like smiled and cracked his knuckled. I grinned back.

'I'll have fun playing with you!' I beamed, using my best smile on him, making him make a weird 'guck' noise and blush. I smirked. This would be a breeze. . .




The End

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