Ace - Wait, What?

What just happened?

I lay back in bed, my heart racing, my cheeks flushed, my mouth full of the taste of Dia's lips.

Had we really just... kissed? And if we had, why had she run off afterwards? Oh, I was so confused.

She knows I love her.. I thought with a groan. How weak I was now. I had a terrible, crippling weakness... And I hated it. Why couldn't I just not love anyone? Love was such a horrible thing. It made you happy, but at the same time, it made you confused, bemused, annoyed, angry and sometimes even sad.  Oh curse you Dia! I thought bitterly.

If you weren't so beautiful then I wouldn't love you... Oh why won't you leave me alone?

My instincts were yelling at me to push this silly feeling away, muttering that it would only distract me from my winning, only hurt my chances of ultimate success..

But at the same time, my heart was murmuring sweet nothings to me. It was telling me to go after her, hold her hands, embrace her, kiss her again...

And after five minutes of sitting up, frozen, I decided my heart ruled me, and ran after her.

I'm not about to let you kiss me with no explanation, Dia Royal!

The End

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