Dia- Why did I do that?!

'I'm fine.' Ace had said before we went back to bed.

But I wasn't convinced, I saw him crying. I saw him rub the away. Was his upset by. . .


I understand. This funny feeling? That feeling that made my heart hurt? It was all clear now. I think.

'Um, Ace? You still awake?'

'I am now.'

'Are you in love with me?'

'HUH?! He sat hold up right, 'no . ..what made you. . .as if I'd . . .but still . . .no . ..pff. . .what made you. . .'

'What a peculiar reaction.' I said quietly, it was clear as a crystal in the sun now. I knew it now.

'W-w-why did you ask anyway?' Ace grunted, regaining himself.

'I have a new game.'

'And what it that?'

I planted a huge smirk upon my face and leaned forward. Ace stared at me, going bright red. I grinned before grabbing his face and pressing my lips onto his. I could feel him resist then relax.

Then he kissed me back without another protest. My stomach felt like it was tied into a million knots and my heart would be doing summer salts if it wasn't beating so fast. I felt revived, refreshed and revitalized all at the same time.

I pulled away, gasping in air. Ace stared at me again, his face pink. He was panting heavily and he looked away, putting a fist to his mouth. His shoulders sagged. And as I looked at this weak, venerable Ace my brain clicked onto reality.

I gasped and scrambled backwards, what the hell did I just do?! My mind, now cleared of the hazy fog that had once filled it, realized what I had just done.

I put a shocked hand to my mouth. I expected myself to cry, but I didn't. I the heat of my surprise, I sprinted from the room, brimming with embarrassment.


The End

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