Dia- Forgotten

I crept into our bedroom, on my toes, as not to wake up Ace. He seemed angry, and I have no idea why. Because he had locked the door after him and I was stuck in the hallway for a few hours until the maid came with the spare key.

After I had gotten changed and jumped into the giant castle of a bed, I lay there, thinking hard. I touched my lips wonderingly. I'd seen kisses on the TV and in films, but never before had I experienced one(unless you counted the cheeks ones from spin the bottle), like the one Joker has pressed upon me.

I shuddered as I recalled the feel of his plush lips against mine. Why did I feel so delighted yet so disgusted? I closed my eyes and sighed, when I opened them I surprised to find tears dripping down my cheeks.

The door opened a crack and I looked up, squinting into the darkness.

'Want to play a game? You seem down.' Jack's voice whispered through the night, like a beacon of happiness. I hopped off the high bed and trotted towards the door, nodding.

'What if you lose, Jack?' I asked, worried about his status.

He laughed quietly, 'I'm not in the royal family for my winnings! I'm here because I invent games, rather popular ones too. It doesn't affect my social ranking if I lose.'

'Ooh. That's cool!' I smiled as he hooked his arm through mine and led my towards the dining room.

'Let's play. . .snap.' He grinned, this was an easy game. I would surely thwart him in it.

We sat at the table, giggling and chatting. I smiled, Jack was a good friend, much alike to my father who I. . .

I winced, a sharp pang of pain hit my happy heart. My family. How long had I been away from them? Why hadn't I thought about them before?

'What's wrong?' Jack asked, concerned as I clutched my chest.

'My. . .family. . .I didn't even.  ..think about them. . .once. . .' I hiccupped, salty droplets fell down my face, I sniffed put my head down on the table, my arms hiding my face.

'But aren't we your family?' Jack frowned.

'I mean my biological family.' I mumbled, using a tissue Jack had given to me, 'I seem to be pretty messed up nowerdays. . .I made Ace angry, kissed someone who I don't even know. . .forgetting my family. . .'

'I didn't know you were such a pessimist!' Jack snorted, shoving the cards back into their pack, 'go back to bed, Dia. You'll feel better in the morning.'

'Kay.' I grunted as I scooted back my chair and went back to bed to see no one but Ace pacing up and down the bedroom. I felt my eyebrows shoot up in surprise.

Why was he awake at such an hour?



The End

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