Dia- Joker

I began to realize what was wrong with me. . .it was big, it was bad I knew the cure.

I was suffering from. . .

Sleep deprision. I needed a good days sleep, then all of this would just simply blow over. Yep, all I needed was some sleep!

'Ace, I'm gonna go get some water.' I told Ace, who had turned over and had  his back to me.


'Be right back.' I smiled, jumping out of the bed with some difficulty. It was a very high up bed.

As I was walking down the hallway, I walked right into someone. I honestly didn't see them standing there! I fell backwards, banding my  head on the floor.

'Ooof. That hurt.' I mumbled, rubbing the back of my head. I looked up to see a very handsome body peering into my face with concern. I felt my cheeks turn scarlet.

'Are you okay?' He asked in a smooth voice. All I could do was nod, dumbfounded at his beauty.

He had huge blue eyes, tan skin, dark blue hair and he was tall just to top it off! His features were sharp and defined. He. Was. My. Ideal. Man.

'Dia-- what's taking you. . .so. . .long. . .?' Ace yelled as he stepped out of the bedroom. He stared at the blue haired man for a few seconds, before placing a very sour look upon his face.

'Why hello there, Ace!'

'Joker. What the hell are you doing here?' Ace asked rudely.

'Just checking out the new gamer. Dia, is your name. I like you, Dia.'

'Uhum.  .thank you--' I was cut off as the blue haired man swooped down on pressed his lips onto mine.

Oh dear. I seem to have been caught in a very bad predicament. . .

The End

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