Dia- We Nearly What?

Ace seemed to be feeling better as the morning went on, but me? Nooooo. I still had a tight chest, weird-feeling stomach and I was beginning to feel a little dizzy.

Like I was drunk on some unknown substance. But I wasn't. Ugh, jesus, the maid said she couldn't find the correct meds and I was beginning to feel restless.

'Ace, my tummy feels funny .  ..' I whined, rolling over so I was next to him, he looked down at me. He blinked for a few seconds, then looked at me, then his face went red again. As I looked at his face, my head felt light. And, the only way to describe it, I felt like I was sitting on a blissful cloud, basking in the sunlight.

'My tummy feels weird. . .' I repeated, flipping onto my back and kicking my legs about under the quilt.

'Maybe the eggs were off?' Ace said, like he didn't really have any clue what to say.

'What’s wrong with me? Did I catch something from entering this world? We learned about this sort of thing in science class. . .'

'Whaty class?'

'A subject at my school.'


'Anyway! My chest feels really tight and my hearts beating really, really fast! Now my stomach feels like it's flipping over, which, I know, is physically impossible! AYAAHH! Jeez. I hate this!' I wailed, clinging into his arm.

He went pink again and began to say something, then stopped. I felt my breathing cease as I realised our faces were closing in on each other, I closed my eyes. . .

'Heeeeellllooooo, Ace! G'morning Dia!' A chipper voice boomed from the doorway, Jack had skipping into the room.

'Gack!' We both grunted as our foreheads collided. I rubbed mine and smiled sheepishly.

Were we about to do what I thought we were about to do just then. .  .?

The End

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