Ace - That Giddy Feeling

Dia and I were eating breakfast in bed, because of this "Sickness" she claimed we had both caught. The more I thought about it, when ever I stopped looking at her, stopped talking to her, I felt better. The odd feeling in my stomach would subside, my cheeks would pale again, and the floaty feeling would leave my head.

But whenever she said something, whenever I looked at her, when ever she smiled, or laughed, the feelings came rushing back. My stomach would wind itself into a million knots, my cheeks would burn and my head would feel like I was floating above the clouds...

Was I really ill? Or was this something... Something else? Something different? Was it related to the merry fire that was burning its way throughout my body, making my every centimeter tingle with a strange sensation.

I'd never felt like this before, so maybe I was ill?

But surely I couldn't be ill... It couldn't be illness making me notice how pretty Dia's eyes were, or how beautiful she looked when she smiled.. Illness didn't make you want to press your mouth to someone else's...

What was wrong with me? I couldn't be... I wasn't... In love, Was I?

The End

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