Dia- Ill?

As I clung onto Ace, I grinned. I knew it, I had known it all along. He didn't hate me! All I had to do as put in some effort, then BAM! We were friends!

'I knew you didn't hate me.' I mumbled, snickering at my slyness.

Ace pulled away, looking slghtly flustered, I frowned wondering what was wrong with him.

'Are ill? You look a bit pink,' I put my forehead to his, 'your hot too.'

'Guh!' Ace garbled, 'no illness, now get dressed! You should have asked before wearing my shirt!'

I wonder what was wrong with him? Why was he acting all blushy and stuff? Hmm. Maye he was ill. I put a stern ask on and grabed his shoulders.

'What are you--? What the--?' Ace gasped as I pushed him back down on the bed, his face went pink, and his big green eyes went wide.

'You've a fever!' A told him.

'Thats not a fever. . .umm. ..' He thought about it for a second, 'fine. It's easier to have fever than explaining.'

'Hmm.' I smiled widely.

'Umm. . .if you say I'm ill, shouldn't you get off me?' Ace asked, the pink returning to his cheeks. I looks at myself, I went red myself as I realized I was staddling his waist. I scrambled off the bed.

'Whoops!' I giggled, trying to laugh off my embarassment. My chest tightened a little and I don't know why. My tummy felt all weird and I didn't really know what was up with me.

'I think I'm ill too! My chest feels all weird!' I declaired, Ace frowned, cocking his head to the side.

'Get back to bed, but ring for the maid before and tell her we wont be heading out today. And to bring us some breakfast!' Ace barked his order, obviously back to his usual self.

'Yessssss.' I carried on my word for a good ten seconds before a walked towards the camp bed.

'What are you doing?' Ace asked, confused.

'Going back to bed because my chest hurts.'

'Why are you going to the camp bed?'

'Because it's my bed.'

'Why not this one? You said it fits five yourself.'Ace frowned.

'Because whenever I go near you, my chest hurts even more. Maybe I caught your illness?' I sighed, 'but that bed is really nice. . .'

'Dia, just come in this bed.  . .' His devilish smirk returned, 'or are you frightened I'll violate you?'

'What?! No way!' I yelled, hopping into the massive bed, but as far away from Ace as possible.

Why did my stomach feel all tight when I looked at him?! Eugh, just give me some meds already.  ..


The End

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