Ace - Truce

I awoke, yawning, and opened my eyes to find Dia's face just inches from my own. I let out a shocked scream, and leaped back. Dia started awake, sitting up suddenly and looking frantically in all directions, her hair all over the place.

"Ahhh!" I echoed my previous cry.

"Ahh!" She repeated. I smiled. She smiled. I let out a small giggle, and so did she. Soon we were both on the floor, laughing. Amongst the hilarity, I noticed that she was wearing one of my crimson shirts, which was way too big for her and hung almost to her knees. I was angry for a moment, but then I couldn't help thinking how cute she looked in it, and my anger melted away. When we stopped laughing, I asked:

"Why the hell were you in my bed?" In my normal voice the sentence would have seemed threatening, but I was still so breathless and giggly that it sounded like a joke.

"The camp bed... It looked so.. hard.. And your bed is big enough for five!" She said, just as breathless as I. "Friends?" She asked shyly.

I paused. Then I held out my arms and said: "Friends." She leaped at me, wrapping her arms around my neck. I hugged her back, and as I did, I felt the spark inside my heart blossom into a small blaze. It was beginning to eat me up...

The End

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