Dia- Bed

I dashed away, unwilling to let Ace see me cry so much. He hadn't meant that, had he? Why would anyone say such a horrible thing? Yes, it was cruel, yes, he was out of line. . .But something made me think that I should go back and force him to apologize.

'Stupid Ace!' I sniffled, wiping away the tears which splattered my cheeks.

I span around and headed back to our room. The door was shut. I opened it a crack, I peeped inside to see Ace curled up in a ball, his back to the door.

I carefully opened the door, wondering whether it's creaking would wake him up(if he actually was asleep), I tip toed towards the camp bed, hesitating. I didn't want to be rude, but it looked very uninviting, and cramped and small.

I turned my head and looked at the bigger-than-king-size bed Ace was sleeping in . . .it looked so comfy. . .so warm.  .. grinning evilly to myself, I pulled off my clothes and walked quietly towards his wardrobe. The maid must have forgotten to put out some bed clothes for me, but I'm sure Ace wouldn't mind if I borrowed a shirt.

I slid open the door and snagged a crimson red button up, all the buttons were already in, so I just pulled it over my head. I had a creepy feeling that I was being watched, I looked over my shoulder, no one was looking through the door and Ace had his eyes closed, shrugging, I walked over to the HUGE bed, lifting up the cover, sliding inside.

I was correct. This could be the most comfy bed I had ever slept in, the heavy feather-filled quilt was not too hot, nor too cool, it was tucked in at the end of the bed, so my feet couldn't get cold.

I snuggled into the bouncy confinements of the mattress and smiled as I dozed off. I wasn't going to give up on Ace. ..I will make him my friend. . .

The End

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