Dia- 'brother'

I was incredibly surprised that King, Queen and Jack had invited me into the House of Royal's. My drawing Ace must have really been something!

So, this was my chance to become friends with Ace! Most people would wonder why I'm so determined, I guess I don't really have an answer to that.  . . I just, like him. Even if he put's up his "big and bad" front, I'm betting, no, I know he's a nice person!

But because I'd suddenly been invited into his family, my sister position in the family had been forced upon him like a ton of rocks, so I wasn't surprised he looked incredibly furious.

I smiled nervously and sat at my seat. . .next to Ace. I could practically feel the hatred emanating from every pore in his body. I hunched over, feeling a little intimidated as his cat-like green eyes kept on shooting dirty looks at me.

'So, Dia, your not from Planet 52?' The Queen, who requested I call her "Queenie" asked.

'No, I'm from a place called Earth. I said politely.

'Eart? Eart? What an interesting place name!' King exclaimed, his voice echoed around the room, leaving the awkward silence behind him, everyone had realised but him that he'd pronounced it wrong.

'Uhumm. Yeah, Earth is not nearly as cool as Planet 52! This place is so crazy, but awesome.' I added on quickly, 'we don't really play any games after we turn ten, except gambling and various boring ones. And when you die, your gone forever.'

'Really? It sounds kind od lame.' Jack sighed,  'no wonder your afraid to die here! But I think it was a historical moment, that day you drew with our Ace three times!' Jack laughed, putting emphasis on the 'three times'.

'Umm. I'm sure it was just a fluke.' I smiled, cutting up my potatoes, 'I mean, I wasn't born here, so I can't be that good!'

'.  ..you didn't know?'

'Didn't know what?'

Queenie, King and Jack exchanged incredulous looks, before Queenie explained, 'Ace is a little upset because he's never broke even nor lost. That is why he's in the House of Royals.'

'Wow. . .'

'Huph. It's nothing really!' Ace huffed, but I could see a glimmer of pride in his eyes that the others hadn't caught.


Once we'd finished dinner, Ace and Jack discussed whose room I'd share whilst mine was being created.

'I think Ace and Dia should share! They look so adorable together!' Queenie said gleefully, letting go of her regal way of speaking for a moment, before composing herself.

'OK' 'No!'

I looked at Ace, smirking, 'I think this will be a wonderful bonding experience, brother.'

He glared at me, pursing his lips in frustration, realizing he was fighting a losing battle. 'Fine.' He grunted, cracking his knuckles. I shuddered, I hate it when people do that.

'Let's go! You lead the way!' I beamed, 'night, Queenie, night King. See you tomorrow Jack!'


'We bid you goodnight.'

'You really hate me don't you?' I said quietly when the rest of them had left, it wasn't really a question.

'Do you even need to ask? And don't sound so damned sad about it!' He barked, striding in front of me.

I smiled, yup. He didn't hate me! He didn't admit to hating me, therefore, I still have a chance of befriending Ace!!



The End

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