Ace - 'Sister'

"So, Ace, who is this girl who has drawn with you three times?" King asked, leaning slightly toward me, his dark hair ruffled, his green eyes sparkling with curiosity. It was dinner, and we were eating steak.

"She's a nobody. Not even from planet 52. In fact, I've forgotten her name." I said, breezily.

"I remember!" Jack piped up. I shot him a glare. "It was Dia, wasn't it?" He looked at me cheerfully, oblivious to my hate-filled stare.

"Dia.. Tia.. Mia.. I don't remember!" I snapped.

"Well, Queen and I must meet this young girl. She must be quite the gamer if she could break even with you three times, Ace." King smiled at me. My heart stops.

Could they really be thinking what I think they are? Could they be thinking about adopting her into the Royal House? My breath came in short bursts.


The next day passes easily, I didn't see Dia all day. I forgot about King's interest in her, and breezed through all my games, winning easily.

When dinner came around, I arrived a little late, but was surprised to see that King was still absent, and that an extra chair had been set at the table. My heart beat quickened.

"Everyone. Queen and I, would like to introduce the newest member of our family, your new sister, Dia!" King said, stepping though the doorway, Dia by his side, his arm wrapped comfortingly around her shoulders.

"Hello.." Dia said, waving a little shyly. I shot her a look of pure hatred. She infiltrated my world, almost made me lose at the things I excel the most at, and now she was invading my family, too?

Oh how I despise you, Dia...

The End

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