Dia- Draw

'Yeah, yeah.' I laughed, poking his nose much to his dislike, he glared at me with pure hatred, 'oh and, where's your hat?'

'Forgot it.'

'Not cool. It was a awesome hat!' I giggled, smiling brightly at him, 'I thought it'd make the game much more enjoyable if instead of one of us being "it", we can both be "it", that'd be fun, right?'

He nodded slowly, 'so we just have to run off, try and find, then catch each other?'

'That's it! It's a really fun game. But, be warned, I was on my schools' 100 meter sprint record.'

'I have no idea what that is, but I assume it's good.' He sighed, 'three, two, one, Run!'

He caught me off guard by running so suddenly, but I soon picked up speed and hit behind a large tree that was located at the far end of the stadium.

'Go!' The referee shouted, I saw him heading my way so I quickly jumped out from my hiding spot and sprinted towards the middle of the playing field.

'Nah nah na naaa na!' I laughed, sticking my tongue out at him when he realized I wasn't there anymore.

'You little. . .' He broke of to curse my name and began to pick up his pace and was eventually running full pelt towards me.

The next part really must have been a miracle. Honestly, I don't know what happened, he was a meter away from me when I reached out my arm. . .

'Tig, got you! Haha!' Ace and I cried at exactly the same time. We stood there for a second, staring at each other, dumbstruck. Our hands on each others shoulders, Ace's face blanched and I felt a little flame of glory burn in my chest.

Yet another draw. Third time lucky? No, I think I was just as good as he was!

The End

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