Ace - "Tig"

I awaken the next morning in a foul mood. Who was this Dia, trying to be my friend? Did she pity me? The very thought made my blood begin to boil. I didn't have friends because I didn't need friends. Only the weak need support from others. I'm not lonely. How dare she pity me?

I fumed all through my hot shower, and whilst I was getting dressed. I stomped down the stairs of our sumptuous mansion and walked headlong into my petite, blonde 'mother'.

"Oh!" She cried, her voice high and delicate. Her white-blonde curls were piled high atop her head and she was wearing a beautiful red and black dress.

"Sorry, Queenie." I smiled down at her little heart-shaped faced.

"Quite alright, Acey." She smiled back at me, and a little of my anger melted away.When we both entered the kitchen, King and Jack were already seated at the table. Our cook was flipping pancakes. Glancing at the clock, I jumped, realizing I was going to be late. I grabbed a piece of toast and rushed from the house, forgetting my top-hat in my haste.

When I reached the hide-and-seek stadium, she was already there, looking a little ruffled. I wonder where she is staying? I shook myself a little. I don't need to think about that.

"So. Tig." I said, sneaking up behind her.

"AHH!" She exclaims, whirling around. I grin evilly. "Yes. Tig. So what does it feel like to be restarted?"

I glared at her for a full two minutes before she said:

"What? Did I say something wrong? I was only asking 'cause if you don't know what its like, you're gonna find out!" She laughed, but my eyes only got narrower, my frown deeper. 

"Don't joke about that. You may be a new gamer, but you should at least know this: Those from The House of Royal never lose."

The End

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