Dia- Lobsters

I stood in the middle of the arena. A little shocked. There were so many people clapping and cheering, it made me dizzy. But happy, I was very happy. This was more fun than I expected.

'You!' The angry boy from earlier snarled at me, storming towards me.

'M-me?' I stammered, pointing to my chest.

'You nearly made me lose! I challenge you, I challenge you to a game of. . .' He seemed to think hard for a second before smiling wickedly, 'a eating contest.'

I raised an eyebrow. An obvious choice against a girl. This guy was good.

'I accept.' I smiled, my voice shaking, but my face was open and friendly, unlike his hostile one.

'The newbie's got a challenge against Ace?!' Someone from the crowd yelled, shocked.

The boy, presumably "Ace" narrowed his eyes at me, sucking in his breath through his teeth, making a weird hissing noise as he did so. I could practically see the red steam pumping from his ears in all his fury.

'Nice to meet you, Ace. I'm Dia.' I smiled sweetly, nodding my head. He grunted in response to my greeting.

I blinked as I watched a few people bring out tables full of. . . .lobster. One of the hardest foods to eat in my opinion.

'Hide and Seek third round is proponed due to a duel between Newbie Gamer, Dia and the Royal, Ace!' The voice squealed happily.

I was escorted to the left hand table by one of the oddly dressed people, they pulled out my chair and handed me a few weird looking forks and knifes. They must be what I eat the lobster with.

Ace glanced at me as I placed a napkin on my lap, smoothing it out. I sipped some water and grinned at him.

He grimaced back and tucked a napkin into his shirts collar.

'Three, two. ..one. . .eat!'

Ace grabbed a lobster and snapped it open, slurping up the contents. I watched him for ten seconds before copying his movements. Soon, we were both even, looking a little green, with a plate full of disembodied lobsters in front of us.

'I don't believe it! They drew!' The voice cried in disbelief, the crowd which had gradually gained more people, gave a collective gasp.

'No way.' I mumbled, wiping my mouth, 'this is easier than it sounds!'

'I don't believe it. Twice. Twice now!' Ace snarled to himself, I got up and walked over to him.

'Nice match, Ace. I hope to play you again sometime!' I smiled a friendly, non-hostile smile and he threw a look of utter loathing towards me before slowly getting up and walking off.

I raised my eyebrows and jogged after him, 'wait up!'


'Because I want to talk to you.'


'Because. ..um. ..I want to be friends?'

'I don't deal with friends well.' He said bluntly.

'Um. Fine, then! I challenge you to a game of. ..uhum. ..tig!'I declared, knowing full well that we were both evens on the speed front.

'What’s tig?'

'It's a chasing game where you have to try and catch the other player, when you do, tap their shoulder and shout "tig"!' I explained.

'I can't refuse a challenge, meet me outside the Hide and Seek arena at noon tomorrow.' He ordered, I nodded eagerly, happy that I was going to make a new friend.

Because I was determined to befriend this lonesome guy!


The End

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