Ace - New Gamer on the block.

It was my second hide-and-seek game of the day, and it had been going fine. That is, until a new girl, with golden hair and terrified hazel eyes, tried to steal my hiding spot.

"The seeker has set off!" We both swore. Letting her take the boulder spot, I sprinted to my back-up spot. In the wooded area, an incredibly tall tree that was only hollow once you got six-feet up. I scrambled up it and slid in through a thin scar in the bark just as the seeker rushed by, his head snapping this way and that. I sat back, carefully so the tree wouldn't creak, and let out a small sigh of relief.

That stupid newbie! I fumed silently. She nearly made me lose for the first time ever!

I shook myself, and returned my attention to my surroundings. I heard a few 'blips' of people restarting, but other than that, the area around me was quiet. Even the audience was quiet. After a few minutes my thoughts wandered again.Who was the Gamer Jack had sent? Who was the new Gamer that had been announced earlier?

Amongst my contemplations there came the sound of several more blips, and the sound of ever-frantic footsteps as the seeker strove to find me.


I swore under my breath. It would not be good for my reputation if I drew with someone. Oh no... What if the girl who had taken my favorite spot was smart enough not to get found? Drawing with a girl who didn't even have any acclaim.. Well, as far as I knew she didn't... 

"TIME UP!" I heard the resounding blip! as the Seeker passed, if momentarily, into the void. I scrambled from my hiding place and ran to the winners podium. My lip curled with distaste as I saw the girl from earlier already standing there.

"You!" I hissed.


The End

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