'Gyuhh. . .' I grunted as I tried to stay on two feet, I looked around in fear and awe. So many people, dressed weirdly. . .what was going on? I've never had such a realistic dream before.

Then a sick feeling entered my stomach. This wasn't a dream. I knew it. I knew it, I was just trying to deny it. But this was all real.

A man in a jesters hat hopped down from one of the walls that surrounded the little prison I was encased in. I gulped as he approached me, I backed away quickly until I was up against the wall.

'Welcome, new player!'He grinned like an insane person, bowing deeply, my breath quickened and I swallowed the lump which was rising in my throat.

'I don't know what I'm doing here.' I said in a shaky, polite voice, 'I want to go home now!'

'But.  ..you can't! Your a new gamer! We don't get you often! Once you lose, you'll go home to die, okay?' He laughed manically. I hiccupped, trying not to cry. It would be embarrassing in front of so many other people.

'Are you going to kill . . . me?' I said in a voice that quivered dangerously, my throat felt all tight and my eyes stung as I forced back the tears of fear.

'No! You really don't understand? Once you lose a game, you die! Now, you must also know, you can't turn down a challenge!'He cackled, hopping from on foot to another, the bells on his hat jingling.

'Can. . .can I go now?' I asked hesitantly, stepping away from the wall.

'Yeah!' He said wildly, taking me by surprise as he threw me into the air. I screamed as I flew high up above the crowds of people. I slammed back down on the floor with force and speed. I hiccupped and cried a little as I clutched my numb shoulder.

'I'll get someone to heal it for you, if you play me!' A old crone smiled kindly, helping me up, 'I'm about to go the restart anyway.'

'Um. . .okay?'

'Tell me which is the King?' She asked, holding up a few cards. I frowned as I looked at them. There was no king there. I was about to answer this when I realized that this must be a trick game. I smiled as I realized the answer the old lady's question.

'That is the king.' I said proudly, pointing to a large painting which took up a massive building. It was a man clad in fine jewels and silk clothes. She nodded and laughed a little weirdly as a weird 'blip' noise filled my eyes, I jumped back and gasped in horror as she burst into dust.

I felt my breathing speed up again and my eyes felt heavy. I would not pass out. No. I would not.

As I felt myself sink to the floor, arms quickly pressed against my shoulders. My eyes snapped open and I jumped up.

'Sorry! I'm sorry!' I burbled, bowing my head a little.

'No problem, hey, your the new gamer, right?' I looked up to see a happy looking boy with dark blonde hair, 'I'm Jack. One of the royals. I wont challenge you, you don't need to fret!' He laughed as I tensed up.

'Good. I don't mean to ,um, bother you, but I don't get the rules.' I mumbled, looking at my feet.

'Aha! I, Jack, shall explain! Now lookie here, once your challenged, you must carry out the challenge. When someone looses, poof. They disintegrate and go the the "restart point". That’s where your born again.' He informed me, 'but because you were not born on planet 52, you'll just die!' He smiled happily.

I felt my eyes widen in shock, they really were all insane?! He just laughed at the fact I could die!

'Now, if your a beginner, I recommend Hide and Seek. In fact, there is a Hide and Seek marathon today, a collection of Hide and Seek games, in fact, I think my brother is participating in it!'

'Wow. . .um.. should I enter?' I asked hesitantly, scratching my forehead which was what I always did when I was thinking.

'Yes! Have fun! I'll show the way!' He grinned, and wrapped his arms around waist. I gasped in surprise and he lobbed me high into the air.

'GYAHHHHHHHHH!' I shrieked as I flew through the sky, over the buildings and crowds of people playing games. Why could all these people throw so amazingly well!?

'OH MY! IT SEEMS WE HAVE A LATE CONTESTENT SENT BY THE ROYAL JACK!' The same voice that spoke through my TV cackled, people whooped as I landed with a thud in the stadium.

'New player, player number six is the seeker! On your marks, get set. . .GOOOOOO! GOOO! GOOO! HIDE. AND. SEEEEK!'

I felt my tummy tighten and my breaths quicken once more. Quick music pounded through the stadium. My legs shook as I took in my surroundings.

'It seems Player ten is standing still! Hurry, hurry up!' The voice laughed insanely.

I snapped to action and sprinted towards a pair of boulders at the far end of the pitch, I saw a boy heading there too. He spotted me and narrowed his eyes, quickening his pace. I stretched my legs and skidded to a halt in front of the crack between the two boulders. As did he.

'Move it!' He snarled.

'No way!'I cried, 'I want to hide here! It's a god stop!'

'Yeah, but I always hide here!'

'Ladies first meanie!' I squealed in fear as he squared up to his full height. He used his bright green eyes as a weapon making me freeze.

'And the seeker has set off!'

He both shut up, and stopped breathing. We then swore at the same time.

Oh no!


The End

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