I swept from the house, calling goodbye to my respective family. They weren't really my family, we just called each other family, since we were four of the best gamers on Planet  52. My 'parents', King and Queen, had adopted myself and my elder 'brother', Jack, into the family when they learned of our amazing gaming talents.

I was prepared for a hectic day of gaming. It was only nine 'o' clock in the morning, and yet as I passed the restart stop, there were already a few unlucky gamers walking out, blinking, stretching their cramped muscles. I heard that after you got restarted, your muscles were cramped for a good 3 hours. Good luck gaming like that.

I, of course, had never experienced restart. I had never lost. I was one of the best gamers around, and most cowered in fear at the thought of gaming against me. The only gamers who faced me were seasoned veterans, who thought they knew the games better than I did, or youngling new gamers, who were cocky enough to think they could beat me.

Today, I was facing a group of new gamers at a game of hide and seek. There was, in Planet 52 hide and seek, more rules than normal. There was a 60 minute time-limit, anyone who got found was restarted. Of course, if the seeker did not find one of the hiders by the end of the time limit, they were restarted and who ever was left hiding was declared the winner. It was hard to win.

"So, who will be the Seeker for this round? Let us put it into the draw!" The referee called through the loudspeaker. He was high up in a box above the stadium, so he could check for cheating and the like. A few spectators were sitting in the stands, but it wasn't packed. The only time it became packed was leading up to finals.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh.... OH! Player number 3, you will be the seeker for this game!" The referee announced, just as a number three popped up on the digital randomizer. I looked at the number I had been given. 1. Phew. "On your marks. Get set. HIDE AND SEEEEEEEK!"

I dashed away from my start point, searching for my favorite hiding place. It never failed me. I found it, the tiny gap between two massive boulders in the rocky section of the pitch. I climbed on top of them, and in the middle, sure enough, was a little tunnel-type thing. I slipped down it and hid in the teensy gap. It was cramped, and hard to get out of, but an amazing hiding spot.

The minutes ticked away. I heard the Seeker's count end, and they began to rush about the pitch. I heard their footsteps pass me almost a dozen times. Soon, there were the anguished cries of those who had been found, then that metallic, BLIP! sound that meant they had disintegrated.

"FIVE MINUTES LEFT! ONE MORE PLAYER TO BE FOUND!" The referee's voice boomed across the pitch. The Seeker must have been on the other side of the pitch. No-one else had decided to hide in the Rocky area, and the pitch was a the two football pitches long, and two football pitches wide. It would take the Seeker probably five minutes to get to me. I grinned. Another win was in store. "Fourrrrr minutes left..... Threeeeee minutes left..... Twoooooo minutes left... Oneeee minute left...." I heard the seeker's steps approaching. My heart beat quickened a little. The Seeker stopped by my boulder. My heart beat pumping, I tried to silence my heavy breathing. "TIME UP!" There was a metallic *blip* and I relaxed. She or he had disintegrated. But oooft, that had been close. I had to find a new hiding spot.

Rolling my muscles I climbed out, to the applause of the crowd. As I left the stadium, I heard an Automated voice announce over the loud speakers:

"Attention all gamers. Attention all gamers. A new player has entered planet fifty-two. LETS GET YOUR GAME ON!"

My heart stopped. A new player? That didn't happen often....


The End

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