Playing for Ace.

When Dia falls through a weird portal, she enters a crazy world where games are everything. . .


I sat down in front of the television, flicking through a pack of cards, doing tricks by myself. My parents were out, because they had a show to do.

You would think that if my parents were famous magicians, I'd be happy. But no, I'm only liked because of their fame. I was taught all sorts of tricks and magic when I was little, and even now! But not real magic, the slight of hand and stuff like that.

I don't have any real friend because I don't want to be used, so I usually just sit on the school field and perform card tricks to people. Usually for money.

I changed the channel when I saw the time, they should be on now. I grinned as I sunk back into my chair, setting down my cards.

'. . .And we now invite you to Fifty Two, the land of games!' A insane voice boomed out of the television. I flinched and frowned. This wasn't the right show. I picked up the remote and pressed the button. Nothing. Sighing I took out the batteries and got up.

It had to happen now.

'Walking away?! Come play! It's fun! But you'll die once your done!' It cackled, I turned around slowly, shaking. I've never been a fan of spooky things, taking in a quivering breath, I slowly walked into the itched and opened the 'mess draw', the draw with everything in that we needed for anything.

I rummaged around and pulled out a pair of batteries, holding them up as though they were trophies.

'Coming back! Ah! Wait! Careful of that tac!' It snickered as I placed my foot right on top of a pin, I gave a little shriek of pain and hopped around whilst tears brimmed up in my eyes.

'Ow! Ow! Ow!' I huffed as I pulled it from my foot.

'In pain? What a shame. Come play and we can promise it's free! Even the tea!' The crazy voice sniggered, I glanced at the screen. Nothing was on there except that snowy-looking thing that usually made the buzzing noise when the television wasn't working.

'Shut up!'I yelled, my voice shaking. I was scared, I had to admit that. This TV show was totally freaking me out! I mean, it can't be something.  . .supernatural could it? Such things are not real!

'Scared? We didn't know you cared! Now, enough dawdling, come PLAY!' It shouted loudly enough that I had to let go of my bleeding foot to cover my ears.

A sudden flash of blue light covered the room, coating it like a fantastical icing. I screamed and squeezed my eyes tight shut, I was crying now, begging it to stop. After what felt like an eternity, my tears topped flowing and my screams had grew quieter and quieter until they stopped altogether.

I slowly opened my eyes, looking around to find myself floating in a dark blue space. I couldn't speak, nor scream or cry for that matter. .  .in fact. . .I couldn't breathe! I opened my mouth like a fish, trying to gasp in the nonexistent air with no avail.


I landed hard o a rock, slamming into it with great force.

'Ahh. . .ugh.  ..' I grunted, standing up and looking around in horror.

Where the hell was I?!

The End

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