And She Laughed At His Joke In Sarcasm

I jumped onto the slippery rock and nearly fell into the fast moving river. My fingers twitched.

Azi, one of our group leaders, grinned. She knew I was going to fall sometime. I stuck my tongue out at her and jumped to the next rock. It was dry, yet the one that I managed to pathetically fall into the river.

The large ice dragon flew over just as I had landed unstably onto the rock, having the wind knock me over. Azi burst out laughing. I came up from the water and back onto the water and glared at her.

Amedue, another one in the group, cracked a joke after while of silence and glaring at each other.

"Ah, the ice dragon flies over us and knocks Skies into the water ungracefully. Oh how she slips backwards into the water." He grinned and started laughing. I sighed. They didn't like me, I didn't like them.

I laughed with him sarcastically to make him feel better than slapped him, sending him into the water. It was I, who was laughing then.

The End

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