Imaginess - Off Again

With Drake's help it didn't take long for our ship to be repaired.  He disapeared for a couple hours while Rowel patched up the hull of the ship and appeared a little while later with more than enough fuel to get us past Zahur.  As soon as we were fueled up he jumped on board with us and we launched off once again.

Drake watched in amazement as we departed, his planet becoming just a large ball in the sky.  "I've never been off my planet before."  He said to me excitedly.

I smiled and turned away from the window, "Then you're in for quite the treat, Drake."

He took one last long look out the window and then turned to follow me.  "So where are we headed?" he asked as he bounded along beside me.

"I'm going to show you to your quarters."

He shook his head, "That's not what I meant, I mean where are you headed?  You're quite a long way from your planet."

I stopped and turned toward him.  "We're looking for the Planet of Paradise.  It's only been heard about in legends but I'm convinced that it exists.  I've been researching it's whereabouts for years and my research has led me to your galaxy."

He nodded his understanding and I started to walk down the hall again, "What do you expect to find there?"  he asked me.

"Well paradise of course."

"But what is paradise?  It has different meanings for everyone." 

"Paradise to me, means peace between all the planets."  We had come to his room now and I opened the door.

"I hope you find what your looking for."  he said and then went into the room, closeing the door behind him.

I went back to my office and shuffled through the pages of my journal.  I was so close to finding what I needed, yet something still seemed to be missing.  I knew that I was in the right galaxy, that much was certain, but now that I was here I was unsure where to go.  I needed someone who knew this galaxy to interpret my findings and show me the way to go.  I had considered asking Drake, but as he had said he had never been off his planet before.  He wouldn't know the answers to my questions.

Captain Adan's voice came over the intercom, "We'll be passing the planet of Zahur soon."

I took a deep breath.  We were in dangerous territory.

The End

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