Imaginess - A New Friend

I felt I had no choice but to go and greet the warrior who was coming toward our ship.  Maybe if I was lucky I would be able to convince him to help up.  Of course I would need a lot of luck for that to happen.

I unboarded the ship and stepped onto the strange land, the smell once again bombarding me.  The warrior stood before me his red skin covered in the purple markings of the Metaliki, his claws were extended from his fingertips and were stained purple from a recent kill.  I gulped but knew I had no choice but to press onward with this meeting. 

I stepped forward and extended my hand out in greeting.  "Hello, I'm Leena, we don't want to hurt you, it's just our ship had a little engine trouble and we were forced to land."

The warrior nodded, retracting his claws and took my hand, "Drake."  he said, "It looks to me as if you need some help with your engine."

"It's nothing really, my mechanic has almost fixed it.  We'll be out of here in no time.  We'll stop at the next planet to refeul."

"There are no other planets around here," he said, "My people have destroied them all.  The next closest planet is Zahur, a prison planet that is crueler than mind."

I shook my head in unbelief, "What are we to do then?"

"Take me with you and I will help you get enough feul to pass by Zahur."

Seeing as I had no choice I nodded, "Agreed!"

The End

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