I brushed passed a group of warriors as they passed, their brustish faces hidden by their steely grey armour, heavy guns draped in their arms. I winced at their heavy scent as they passed-the warriors were slaves, probably have not bathed in the longest time.

  Looking back with a pang of sympathy, I thought they were probably headed to another invasion of the planet Slingtarr, a small rock with another race which would soon become a slave under the Zahurns. Many times I believed there was something that could be done to stop my father's destruction and madness. But his insane ways never seemed to cease, no matter what I said or did.

  My skirts swept across the floor as I made my way up the winding silvery staircase-all was either cold or burning on this planet. I found my chambers, clear windows gazing from our high perch across the dessert planet, glowing with hot, rudy light of our sun. Enclosed iron tunnels webbed their way across the land to other high buildings, barely anyone wished to go outside and it was yet safe for any species. Molten lava crept beneath the surface of Zahur, dangerous gasses seeping from the cracks and spoiling the air. It was one of the reasons, many years back, that the isolated rock was used as a prison for criminals of all other planets.

  To me it still was. I gazed longingly out beyond the planet, to the sky painted with stars and dotted with other planets. Someday I would escape this terrible planet, and find a paradise rich with beauty and freedom.

  I watched as the same warrior slaves I had seen in the halls driven through several clear tunnels in a herding fashion, Zahurns stationed about them with loaded weapons pointed at them. Steadily they pushed the slaves into a crowded spacecraft, tightly locking the door behind them.

  But I couldn't just run away and live at ease. The terrible dictatorship of the Zahurns must come to an end. But what was I to do about it?

The End

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