Imaginess - Metaliki Warrior

I step cautiously off of the ship after landing.   We seem to have landed in the middle of a forest and as far as I can see there's no one to be seen.  I let out a sigh of relief as Alita comes to my side.  "Is everything alright, Zotac." 

I take in a breath of the odd air, it seems to be saturated with the smell of blood and I resist the urge to gag.  I turn back to Alita who also seems to be holding back from the strange smell.  "Everything's fine, for now," I look back toward the strange wood, "but we must keep watch, certainly someone noticed our decent."  Alita nods as I turn back inside. 

A woman is waiting for me inside, "Yes, what is it, Sira."  I ask.

"Rowel says it won't take long for the leak to be stopped the problem is we lost a lot of feul-"

"Do we have enough to get to another more friendly planet?"  I interrupt her.

"Yes."  she says, "as long as the tank doesn't burst again, which could very easily happen."

I let out a frustrated sigh, "We have no choice, we have to get off this planet."

Before Sira could respond, Alita came running into the ship, "My Zotac, someone's coming."

I felt the blood drain from my face.  "A Metaliki Warrior."

The End

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