Imaginess - Going Down

As I sit at my desk going over my notes a servant ran into the room out of breath.  I look up at him couriously.  "Yes Alita, what is it?"

"There's been an accident."

I'm on my feet now, "What do you mean an accident?"

She hesitates a moment before continueing, "in the engine room...we're losing feul."

I close my eyes and try to remind myself to breathe.  "How long do we have?"

"About an hour."

I nod relieved and turn back to my desk, "good set us down on the nearest planet to refeul."

She smiles weakly, "One problem, the nearest planet is Cores."

I swing back around in her direction my eyes I'm sure displaying my fear, "Certainly there must be another planet close by."

Alita shrugged, "There is but not inhabited.  Cores as you must know is a very hostile planet those who weren't killed abandoned their planets centeries ago.

I force myself to take a couple deep breathes before I continue, "Tell Adan to take us down, Alita, we have no choise we have to land on Cores."

The End

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