The purple blood oozed from several long gashes along my bare chest. The beast whined softly as I stood over it. I placed the tips of my claws at its throat muttered a silent prayer and pushed it into its air pipe. It died instantly...I hoped. The long metal claws receded into my fingertips. 

I hefted the heavy animal onto my shoulder and began the long trek back to my small camp. The large animal almost covered me its long antennae trailing along the floor. My small stature didnt help. I was the smallest of the Metaliki my age. Twenty, the age of the Ritual where we were thrown into the wilderness of our home planet Cores. We would have to survive and could only return when we had killed a Drakon. Large water dwelling creatures.

My dark red skin was already healing, the purple markings that covered every Metaliki's skin was covered in a mixture of mine and the animals blood. The long months of the Ritual were only just beginning.

The End

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