I look out the large window watching as the endless space moved past my ship.  We have been traveling through space for nearly a week now and it sometimes seem as though we will never arrive at our destination.

I've been searching for a planet that has only been heard about in legends.  As of yet I am still unsure of it existence.  But if it does I shall be the one to find it. 

Paradise!  The word has always sent shivers down my spine thinking about the many things that word contains.  A planet of paradise.

I turn back to the desk and open up the large book that lies there.  Although I'm only eighteen the book is filled with the hundreds of entries that I have written over the last two years of research.  So many times I have sent out search parties only for them to come back empty but now I am certain I have found it.  So certain that I have risked leaveing the safety of my planet to see for myself

The End

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